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  • KDOT Lettings – December 2023

    Awarded bids announced on January 2 are highlighted in red.One awarded bid announced on February 7 is highlighted in blue. Federal-Aid 7-3 KA 7132-01/7-22 KA-7119-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from Atchison to the Nebraska state line. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $5,652,729.16. 73-52 KA 5990-01: Storm Sewer replacement and reconstruction of 4th…

  • KDOT Lettings, July 2023

    There are 23 projects up for bids on July 19. Awarded bids announced on August 3 are highlighted in red. Awarded bids announced on September 6 are highlighted in blue Federal-Aid: 46 N 0703-01: Sidewalk improvements on Center Street between Shawnee and McKinley Streets in Gardner. Primetime Contracting Corp., Riverside, Missouri, $199,634.00. 470-89 KA 5766-01:…

  • KDOT Lettings: March 2023

    There are 17 projects up for bidding on March 22. Approved bids announced on April 4 are highlighted in red. The approved bid announced on May 5 is highlighted in blue.

  • KDOT Lettings: June, 2020

    Here’s what’s up for bids at the June monthly letting.

  • Website updates: 11/12/12

    Website updates: 11/12/12

    I’ve added some photos from a little train-watching trip near Quenemo.