KDOT Lettings: June, 2020

Here’s what’s up for bids at the June monthly letting.


23 TE 0480-01: Bluejacket Trail, Phase 2: A new sidewalk path along the east side of Winchester Street from Hawthorn Street to West Elementary School in Eudora.

36-58 KA-5008-02: Guardrail repair between US 75 and K-87.

106 KA 4744-02: Signage upgrade along the following roadways, mainly in Shawnee County: K-4 from the Wabaunsee/Shawnee county line to I-70; the entire length of K-30 (in Wabaunsee County); US 24 from the Wabaunsee/Shawnee county line to US 75; US 75 from the Osage/Shawnee county line to I-470; US 75 from I-70 to 63rd Street; and the Topeka Blvd/I-470 ramp.

70-89 KA-5526-01: Repair of the Croco Road bridge over I-70.
470-89 KA-5530-01: Repair of the I-470 bridges over Huntoon Street
70-99 KA-5534-01: Repair of the eastbound I-70 bridge over Mill Creek and the Snokomo Road bridges over I-70, both near Paxico.

70-31 KA-5527-01: Repair of the Westbound I-70 bridge over the Smoky Hill River

56-57 KA 4766-01: New Turn lanes at Industrial Road in Hillsboro.

135-59 KA 5277-01: Removal of the Shawnee Road Bridge over I-135 and addition of cul-de-sacs at the stub-ends. “No Outlet” Signs on Shawnee Road at 16th Avenue, and on 17th Avenue at Rainbow Road.

56-64 KA-5647-01: Repair of the US 56 over Big John Creek east of Council Grove.

135-85 KA-5626-01: Repair of the Schilling Road Bridge over I-135 in Salina

20 C 4954-01: Replacment of the 2600 Road bridge over Sappa Creek.

281-71 KA 5146-01: Reconstruction of 1st Street between Conneticut Street and Massachusetts Street in Osborne.

70-106 KA 4746-03: Signage replacement on I-70 in KDOT district 3 – from the Colorado state line to the Russell/Ellsworth county line not previously covered by previous signage projects.

70-91 KA-5675-01, Patching, milling, and overlay on Eastbound I-70 from MP 19-MP 24 near Goodland.

70-98 KA 5121-02: Guardrail updates from the Gove/Trego county line to Exit 127

69-6 KA-5604-01: Concrete patching and HMA overlay between Calvary Road and the beginning of the 4-lane segment south of Fort Scott.

69-54 KA-5532-01: Repair of the southbound US 69 bridge over the Marais des Cynges River near Trading Post.

169-61 KA-5533-01: Repair of the northbound US 169 bridge over Pottawatomie Creek on the south side of Osawatomie.

35-70 KA-5531-01: Repair of a culvert over Willow Creek on I-35 south of Melvern

18 KA-5671-01: Pavement Marking in various location in the Arkansas City and Winfield vicinity.
96 KA-5672-01: Pavement Marking on K-44 and K-53 in Sumner County.

83 C 4932-01: Major collector pavement marking in Rush County, along with the addition of “No Passing Zone” signs.

135-87 KA 5128-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-135 from the Turnpike to Pawnee in Wichita.
135-87 KA 5129-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-135 from Pawnee to the south end of the Canal Route in Wichita.
135-87 KA 5130-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-135 from the north end of the Canal Route to 37th Street in Wichita.

96-87 KA-5606-01: Pavement patching and 3-inch HMA overlay from I-135 to Webb in Wichita.

15-87 KA-5615-01: Guardrail upgrades on Southeast Boulevard from the Turnpike to I-135.
15-96 KA-5614-01: Guardrail upgrades on K-15 in Sumner County

50-35 KA 4762-01: Reconstruction of US 50 from Maple to Cedar Streets in Cimarron

Federal-Aid (Local Projects):

75 C 4938-01: Reconstruction of Dyer Road, including re-configuring the access to the main parking lot of the Little Grill and a crosswalk for the overflow parking lot southeast of the Tuttle Creek Dam.

32 C 4956-01: Bridge replacement in rural Gove County.


32 KA-5550-01: Mill and overlay on K-23 from the Lane/Gove county line to Gove, as well as K-211 and K-216

25-77 KA-5673-01: Mill and overlay from the south city limits of Atwood to US 36

87 KA 5174-01: WichWAY Phase V deployment.





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