KDOT Lettings: May 2020

Here are the projects up for bids at KDOT’s may letting


23 TE 0472-01: New sidewalk path along Elm Street from Baldwin Intermidiate School to 8th Street in Baldwin City.

46 N 0700-01: Re-striping Lamar Avenue from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Foxridge Drive.

50-56 KA 2364-01: Widen from 2 laes to 4 lanes undivided from E5 Road to the beginning of the existing 4-lane on the West Side of Emporia.

45 C 4934-01: Major collector signage upgrade in Jewell County south of US 36.

70-32 KA 0726-02: Roadway lighting at Exit 95 (K-23 Spur, Grainfield)

35-30 KA-5559-01: 1.0″ Concrete inlay and 3.0″ HMA overlay from MP 179 to MP 191

135-40 KA-5558-01: Bridge approach work on bridges on I-135 from the Sedgwick/Harvey county line to K-196, as well as the 1st Street and Broadway bridges in Newton.

156-28 KA 4765-01: Reconstruction of a short section of Kansas Avenue between 3rd Street and Belmont Place in Garden City.

50-29 KA 5150-01: Widening of the US 50/Gary Avenue intersection in Dodge City.

27-36 KA 4769-01: Reconstruction of Broadway between Harper Street and Taylor Street in Tribune.

83-88 KA-5535-01: Bridge repair of the bridge over the UP Pratt Subdivision, Liberal Yard, and 8th Street in Liberal

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

87 C 4950-01: Replacment of the Hydralic Avenue bridge over Cowskin Creek in southern Sedgwick County


156-27 KA-5658-01: Crack sealing from Ellsworth to I-70.

14-45 KA-5631-01: Crack Sealing from the East Junction with US 36 to the Kansas/Nebraska state line.

36-79 KA-5636-01: Crack sealing from the Jewell/Republic County line to US 81.

70-85 KA-5664-01: 2-inch mill and 1.5-inch overlay from ~ MP 233 to the concrete pavement just west of I-135.

106 KA-5638-01: Crack sealing along the entire length of K-128 (excluding the concurrancy with US 36), along with the K-228 spur.

28-106 KA-5642-01: Crack sealing along the entire length of K-28

106 KA-5653-01: Crack sealing on US 77 from the Morris/Geary county line to I-70, along with the entire lengths of K-157 and K-209.

81-106 KA-5659-01 Rumble Strip installation from the Ottawa/Cloud county line to the South city limits of Concordia, and from 5 miles north of Belleville to the Kansas/Nebraska line.

83-20 KA-5662-01: 2-inch mill and 2-inch overlay from J Lane to the south city limits of Oberlin.
36-20 KA-5663-01: 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the Rawlins/Decatur county line to US 83 in Oberlin.

106 KA-5669-01: RAP sample milling in various places in KDOT district 3.

96-5 KA-5646-01: Scrub chip seal from the Rush/Barton County line to Great Bend

18 KA-5633-01: Crack sealing on K-15 from Udall to US 77, and on US 77 from K-15 to the Cowley/Butler county line

73 KA-5650-01: Crack sealing on US 56 from Larned to the Pawnee/Barton County line, and on US 183 from US 56 to K-156

96-83 KA-5649-01: Crack Sealing from the Ness/Rush County line to Rush Center.

50-93 KA-5645-01: Crack Sealing from US 281 to the Stafford/Reno county line.

160-106 KA-5665-01: Scrub chip seal from the Harper/Summner county line to Wellington, from the Sumner/Cowley county line to Winfield, and from Winfield to K-15





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