KDOT Lettings: April, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the ability of KDOT to put projects up for bids. However, KDOT did post the following note with the list of projects for the April letting:

The Kansas Department of Transportation April 22, 2020 Letting WILL remain as scheduled with possible procedural changes to accommodate public building restrictions due to the COVID-19 emergency. We will be in contact and keep you updated as details become available. Thanks.

Most likely, this means that the bids will be opened on a conference call. The March bids were read in this manner.

(unless otherwise noted)

10-23 KA-5484-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the 23rd Street interchange to the Douglas/Johnson County Line.

10-23 KA-5485-01: 2-inch Mill and 2-inch HMA overlay on the west leg of the South Lawrence Trafficway
10-23 KA 3634-08: Intersection re-configuration at 27th Street/Wakarusa.

40-23 KA-5542-01: 1.5-inch Mill and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from Big Springs to K-10/South Lawrence Trafficway

56-23 KA-5543-01: 1/2-inch mill and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the Osage/Douglas County line to US 59

435-46 KA-5500-01: 3.0 HMA overlay on I-435 from K-10 to Midland Drive

635-46 KA-5501-01/635-105 KA-5502-01: Asphalt patching of PCCP surface, full-depth patching, and 3-inch HMA overlay from Foster Street on Metcalf Avenue to the south end of the Argentine Yard bridge on I-635, and from 750 feet north of 43rd Street to the north junction with K-5.
635-105 KA-5253-01: 1.5-inch mill and 1.5-inch concrete overlay on the I-635 bridge over 43rd Street.
635-105 KA-5490-01: Rehabilitation of the I-635 bridges over Argentine Yard and K-32

56-70 KA-5544-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the Lyon/Osage County to the south junction with K-31
31-70 KA-5637-01: Mill and HMA overlay from the east city limits of Osage City east 0.9 miles. [Non-FA]

4-89 KA-5483-01: PCCP Patching and 3-inch HMA overlay on the 4-lane segment of the Oakland Expressway on the east side of Topeka.

24-89 KA-5486-01: Chip seal from the Pottawatomie/Shawnee County line east to Silver Lake.

4-99 KA 3357-01: Culvert replacement and reconstruction of the approaches 2 miles southwest of the west junction with K-99

105 KA-5504-01: PCCP pavement patching and grinding on Westbound I-70 and on I-670 from the I-70/I-670 junction to the Mill Street Bridge

435-105 KA-5511-01: Full-depth concrete patching, followed by a 2-inch mill and 2-inch HMA overlay on I-435 from the north end of the Kansas River bridge to MP 16

057 TE 0456-01: Construction of a rail-trail path on the former Santa Fe ROW from Main Street in Hillsboro to Industrial Road east of Hillsboro, and a trail on the west side of Industrial Road from the ex-ATSF to the Hillsboro Community Hospital parking lot.

135-59 KA-5127-02: Replace all of the ends of the guardrails on the bridges along I-135 from K-61 north to the McPherson/Saline County Line.

70-85 KA-5506-01: 1.75-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on I-70 from the Lincoln/Saline county line to ~ MP 243

70-26 KA-5507-01/70-98 KA-5508-01: 2.5-inch Mill, 2-inch inlay, and 1.5-inch overlay from .284 miles west of the Trego/Ellis County Line to the US 183 interchange (Exit 159) in Hays.

70-97 KA-5509-01: 2.5-inch Mill, 2-inch inlay, and 1.5-inch overlay from US 24 (Exit 45) to K-25 (Exit 53)

69-6 KA-5482-01: 1.5-inch Milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the south end of the current 4-lane segment near Grand Road south of Fort Scott to Wall Street (US 54) in Fort Scott

69-11 KA-5462-01: 2-inch Surface recycle and 5/8-inch UBAS from the US 69/US 160/K-7 junction in Columbus to the US 69/US 160/US 400/US 69A junction north of Crestline.

400-11 KA-5463-01: 1/2-inch Mill and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the K-7 junction

400-50 KA-5464-01: 1.5-inch mill and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from the east end of the Parsons bypass to K-126

54-8 KA-5092-02: Reconstruct guardrails on bridges on US 54 between the US 400 junction east of Augusta and El Dorado.

183-83 KA-5012-02: Re-grading, reconstructing guardrails, and seeding on two bridges: one on the South end of La Crosse, another on the south side of Liebenthal.

235-87 KA-5274-01: Bridge repair on the bridges over the UP Railroad near the MacArthur interchange.

235-87 KA-5510-01: Milling, HMA overlay and bridge patching from the BNSF bridge near the north junction with I-135/K-254 to the K-254 bridge over Hydralic, including the ramp from EB I-235 to SB I-135, EB I-235 to NB I-135, and WB I-235 to SB I-135.

81-96 KA 3108-01: Replace a culvert just north of the intersection with E 120th Avenue and reconstruct the 120th Avenue intersection. Shoo-fly detour with 120th Avenue closed at US 81.


14-78 KA-5546-01: Pavement patching along the Hutchinson bypass on the west side of Hutchinson.

96-106 KA-5545-01: Pavement patching and bridge approaches from K-14 to Maize.

160-13 KA-5607-01: Ditch reconstruction on the west side of the US 160/US 183/K-34 junction.





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