KDOT Lettings: August 2021

Here are the projects up for letting on August 18, with approved bids announced on August 30. The awarded bids will be highlighted in red.


89 TE 0494-01: New shared-use path along the north side of SW 10th Street between Wanamaker Road and Robinson Avenue in Topeka

15 C 4966-01: Major collector signage update in Cloud County. One special sign: “U.P. Bridge.” CC & I Engineering Inc./DBA Compass Consultants, Perham, Minnesota, $103,863.75.

59 TE 0493-01: New shared-use path along the north side of Northview Avenue from the Meadowlark Trail to Main Street in McPherson. Old US 81 at Northview to be closed during a portion of the project. The Detour via Main Street is marked as K-153 detour; however, the detoured section of old US 81 is not part of K-153

30 TE 0482-01: Sidewalk update near Keokuk (K-68) and Main (old US 59) in Ottawa

106 KA 6095-01: Signage upgrade on the state highways in Miami County except for K-68 between US 169 and US 69. Includes replacement of the roundabout signage at K-68 and Old KC Road. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $1,780,830.66.

50-24 KA 6251-01: Mill and HMA overlay between the Ford/Edwards county line and Kinsley. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $2,382,591.40.

54-88 KA 2385-01: New 4-lane alignment of US 54 just east of Liberal. Removal of the County Road 6 and County Road M intersection, a new frontage road on the southeast side of US 54 connecting County Road M to County Road 7, and a new Weigh Station. Koss Construction Co., Topeka, Kansas, $23,319,064.32

Federal-Aid, Local Projects

72 C 4991-01: Replacement of this bridge on 170th Road over Pipe Creek northeast of Minneapolis


70-85 KA 6208-01: PCCP patching on I-70 from Niles Road to the Saline/Dickinson County line. Bryant & Bryant Construction Inc., Halstead, $639,658.50

18-71 KA 6205-01: Chip seal on K-18 in Osborne County
18-84 KA 6206-01: Chip seal on K-18 from the Osborne/Russell County line to US 281
Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, $480,177.50

18-82 KA 6276-01: Chip seal on K-18 from Plainville to the Rooks/Osborne County line. Heft and Sons, $505,882.50

36-20 KA 6269-01: Chip seal from Oberlin to Norcatur. Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, $631,119.70

160-4 KA 6139-01: Right of way cleanup on US 160 from the Comanche/Barber County line to 3 miles west of Medicine Lodge.

183-106 KA 6168-01 Crack sealing on US 183 from Greensburg to Kinsley. Pavement Pro’s LLC, McPherson, $157,188.20

96-51 KA 6203-01: Chip seal on K-96 from Dighton to the Lane/Ness County Line

54-106 KA 6272-01: Crack sealing on US 54 from the Meade/Clark County line to K-34 in Clark and Ford Counties Pavement Pro’s, $78,130.86

94-106 KA 6273-01: Crack sealing on the entire length of K-94 in Clark and Ford Counties. Pavement Pro’s, $50,167.70

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