KDOT Lettings: January 2023

There are 23 projects up for bids on January 18. Awarded bids announced on January 26 are highlighted in red.


73-3 KA 3889-01: Replacement of Bridge #014 over Walnut Creek Drainage on US 73/K-7 in southern Atchison County. One lane of traffic to be carried through the work zone, controlled by signals.

435-46 KA 5500-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-435 from K-10 to Midland Drive. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $256,299.00

635-46 KA 5501-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-635 in Johnson County. Bettis, $199,011.50.

106 KA 6254-01: Signage Upgrade on US 24 from US 75 to Perry, K-4 from US 40 to K-92, and US 40 from K-4 to the Shawnee/Douglas County Line. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $1,180,668.83.

635-105 KA 5502-02: Guardrail upgrades on I-635 from the Wyandotte/Johnson County Line north to the south approach of the BNSF Railroad Bridges and from 750 feet north of 43rd Street north to the I-635/K-5 junction. Bettis, $85,084.00.

40-55 KA 6638-01: 2-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay from 500ft east of the east junction with K-25 to the beginning of PCCP at the west US 83/US 40 junction. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Colorado, $2,093,578.68.

281-84 KA 6639-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing on US 281 from the Barton/Russell County Line to Russell. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $2,539,583.60.

281-92 KA 3937-01: replacement of the US 281/K-9 over Lindley Creek, located 0.13 miles West of the Osborne County Line near Portis. Detour via US 281, US 36, K-181, and US 24. L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, $1,876,892.18.

106 KA 6265-01: Singage upgrades on K-23, K-23A, the K-23 spur, K-211, and K-216, primarally in Gove County. Martin Outdoor Enterprises Inc., Pittsburg, $193,223.50.

69B-19 KA 5985-01: Storm Sewer improvements and reconstruction of West Street (US 69B) in Arma. I show this project as previously having been awarded in August.

166-18 KA 6774-01: Repair the Walnut River bridge east of Arkansas City. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, $789,867.29.

235-87 KA 6844-01: Concrete patching on I-235 except for the segment between the north junction with Broadway and the North junction with I-135. Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. and Subsidiaries, Columbia, Missouri, $5,073,250.50.

23-28 KA 6880-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2.5-inch plus 1.5-inch overlay on K-23 from K-156 to the Finney/Lane County Line. Venture, $2,539,583.60.

13 TE 0488-01: Sidewalk reconstruction on Main Street and 8th Avenue in Ashland.

160-34 KA 5986-01: Reconstruction of Oklahoma Street from Comanche Street to Cheyenne Street in Ulysses


21 KA 6872-01: Crack Sealing on K-15 from the Marion/Dickinson County Line to K-18 (excluding within the city limits of Abilene) and on K-18 from K-15 to the Dickinson/Geary County Line. Pavement Pro’s LLC, McPherson, $251,118.05.

57-31 KA 6873-01: Crack Sealing on K-57 from Junction City to the US 77/K-244 junction. Pavement Pro’s, $56,891.68.

18-31 KA 6874-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay near the junction with Spring Valley Road west of Junction City. Shilling Construction Co. Inc., Manhattan, $192,730.00.

106 KA 6869-01: Crack sealing on K-15 from Clay Center to US 36, including the K-9/K-15 concurrancy, as well as K-80 and K-115. Pavement Pro’s, $261,242.35.

101 KA 6868-01: Crack Sealing on US 36 from K-22 to the Little Blue River bridge, excluding the city of Washington; the entire length of K-22, and K-148 from K-9 to US 36. Pavement Pro’s, $271,759.88.

83-90 KA 6715-01/83-20 KA 6716-01: 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on US 83 from K-383 north ~ 9.6 miles in Sheridan and Decatur counties. McCormick, $2,961,856.60.

70-32 KA 6798-01: Lighting upgrades at the I-70 rest area east of Grainfield. Phillips Southern Electric Company Inc., Wichita, $141,036.00.

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