KDOT Lettings: December 2022

There are 29 projects up for bids on December 14, including three bridge replacements, the removal of an unused bridge, and a new roundabout near Dodge City. Approved bids announced on January 9 are highlighted in red.

Federal-Aid (unless otherwise noted):

92-44 KA 5413-01: Full-depth patching and mill/overlay on Union St from Lake St to Meredith Ln in McLouth. Sands Construction LLC, Leavenworth, $648,218.40.

75-70 KA 3899-01: Remove the old US 75 bridge over Dragoon Creek and add a Cul-de-Sac turnaround on the former south approach.
75-70 KA 3900-01: Remove a culvert on the old US 75 alignment north of the Dragoon Creek bridge and construct a new section of 209th Street to connect US 75 to Old 75.
Killough Construction Inc., Ottawa, $992,479.76.

70-105 KA 6800-01: Asphalt and PCCP patching and 2 1.5-inch overlays on I-70 from the east approach to Quarry Road (west of I-635) to .64 mile east of Kaw Drive in Kansas City.
69-105 KA 6676-01: Asphalt and PCCP patching, bridge deck patching, barrier wall repair, 2-inch mainline HMA Overlay, and 2.5-inch shoulder HMA overlay on the 18th Street Expressway in Wyandotte County.
Superior Bowen Asphalt Company LLC, Kansas City, Missouri, $15,602,388.80.

35-105 KA 6801-01: PCCP Patching and 4-inch overlay on Northbound I-35 from Lamar to Southwest Boulevard and Southbound I-35 from Cambridge Circle to Southwest Boulevard, 2-inch milling and 2-inch overlay on Southbound I-35 from Southwest Boulevard to Lamar, and PCCP patching and joint sealing (no overlay) on Northbound I-35 from Southwest Boulevard to the Cambridge Circle. Superior Bowen, $10,832,352.05.

31 TE 0498-01: New pedestrian/bike path along the north side of K-18 from Karns Dr to Spring Valley Rd in Junction City. Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary, Wamego, $1,158,613.68.

81-72 KA 6057-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch overlay on Northbound US 81 from MP 167.2 to MP 176.1 and Southbound US 81 from MP 169.6 to MP 167.2. APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, $8,922,876.73.

69-19 KA 3928-01: Replacement of the southbound US-69 Bridge over First Cow Creek Drainage located just north of the north junction of US-69 and US 160 near Frontenac. Traffic to move head-to-head on the northbound bridge. Mission Construction Co. Inc., St. Paul, Kansas, $1,666,387.63.

400-37 KA 5790-01: Add Passing lanes in both directions on US 400 from MP 334.2 to MP 336.1. Traffic is to be carried through the work zone. APAC-Kansas Inc, $9,347,358.53.

152-54 KA 6318-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay along then entire length of K-152. Superior Bowen, $2,819,604.07.

169-67 KA 5788-01: Add passing lanes in both directions on US 169 from 0.7 miles north of K-47 north 1.8 miles. Traffic is to be carried through the work zone. Clarkson Construction Company, Kansas City, Missouri, $6,592,327.12.

169-67 KA 5789-01/169-67 KA 5789-02: Full-depth reconstruction of US 169 from the Labette/Neosho County Line to Thayer, with passing lanes from MP 30.6 to MP 32.4. Detour via US 400, US 59, and K-47. Clarkson, $15,073,904.28.

54-49 KA 6636-01 2-inch milling and 2-inch overlay from Greensburg to the Kiowa/Pratt County Line Venture Corporation, Great Bend, $3,272,568.60.

54-76 KA 6637-01: Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface from the Kiowa/Pratt County Line to Pratt. Venture, $2,578,918.80.

106 KA 6263-01: Signage update on K-14 and K-96 South of Hutchinson in Reno County. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $815,656.50.

56-35 KA 6631-01/56-29 KA 6633-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay from Montezuma to the west junction with US 283 south of Dodge City. (Ford County segment is Non-FA)
400-29 KA 6630-01: 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on the US 400 bypass on the west side of Dodge City.
Venture, $8,068,406.40.

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

24 C 5076-01: Replace the W Road bridge over Rattlesnake Creek. Reece Construction Company, Inc., Salina, $476,265.93.

40 C 5075-01: Replace the SE 60th Street bridge over Gypsum creek just northwest of Whitewater. Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, $661,672.41.


106 KA 6695-01: 1-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on the entire length of K-187, 2.5-inch milling and 2-inch HMA overlay on the entire length of K-110, 1.5-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on the entire length of K-178, 3/4-inch milling and 1.5-inch HMA overlay on the entire length of K-236. Hall Brothers Inc., Marysville, $3,183,730.76.

70-27 KA 6538-01: Replace 6 light towers on I-70 at K-232 and Ellsworth rest areas in Ellsworth County. Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, $284,611.50.

232-106 KA 6658-01: Chip Seal on K-232 from Old US 40 in Wilson to the Lincoln/Russell County Line in Ellsworth and Lincoln Counties. Heft and Sons LLC, Greensburg, $396,991.00.

70-106 KA 6806-01: Concrete Pavement (bridge deck resurfacing?) on 12 bridges in Ellsworth, Lincoln, and Saline Counties. Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, $5,619,722.50.

24-33 KA 6720-01: Repair the bridge over Sand Creek west of Hill City. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, $717,220.80.

56-29 KA 6526-01: Reconstruct Outlaw Road and 112 Road south of Dodge City so with an east-to-north curve between Outlaw Road and 112 Road.
56-29 KA 6526-02: Construct a Roundabout at the US 56/US 283 junction south of Dodge City.
Koss Construction Co., Topeka, $18,170,952.67.