KDOT Lettings: February, 2020

KDOT had a little issue with this letting… due to the US department of Labor changing the prevailing wage rates, the all of the bids for this letting had to be discarded and a special letting called for March 10th.

Federal-Aid – State Highway Projects:

35-46 KA 3929-01: Replacement of the 199th Street Bridge over I-35 in southwestern Johnson County. 199th Street will be closed between Gardner Road and Homestead Lane – Detour via either Gardner Road, 191st Street, and Homestead Lane or US 169, 175th Street, I-35, and Homestead Lane. Weekend Closures of I-35 are also expected – Detour via K-33 and US 56.

10-46 KA-5466-01: 2-inch mill and 2-inch overlay on K-10 between K-7 and the beginning of the Portland Cement pavement near I-435.

56-46 KA-5467-01: 2-inch Mill and 1.5-inch overlay on Shawnee Mission Parkway from Roe to State Line.
69-46 KA-5572-01: 2-inch Mill and 1.5-inch overlay on Metcalf from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Johnson Drive. (Non-FA)

69-46 KA-5468-01: 5/8-inch ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from 159th Street to the Blue Valley Parkway split.

77-58 KA-5476-01 and 77-81 KA-5477-01: 1/2-inch mill and 1 1/2-inch overlay from K-16 near Randolph to the south junction with K-9 near Waterville in Riley and Marshall Counties.

18-81 KA 3080-01: Replacement of the bridges on Fort Riley Boulevard Over Wildcat Creek and reconstruction of the intersection with Richards Drive/Rosencutter Road. Includes a new signal at Richards/Rosencutter Road (protected-only left turns)

24-81 KA-5474-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the east Junction with US 77 to K-13
77-81 KA-5475-01: Ultrathin bonded asphalt surfacing from the east junction with US 24 to K-16 near Randolph.

64 TE 0473-01: Extemsion of the Riverwalk Trail in Council Grove.

70-26 KA-5536-01: Bridge repair on eastbound I-70 between Hays and Victoria.
70-98 KA-5537-01: Bridge repair on the I-70 bridges over a local road 1 mile east of the Voda Road interchange.

11 C 4907-01: Reconstruciton of the intersection of SE 20th Street and Brush Creek Road in Cherokee County to change from a crossroad intersection with the BNSF Afton Subdivision running NW-SE through it to a pair of “T” intersections with 20th Street the through route over the railroad crossing.

37 C-4931-01: Major collector signage upgrades in Southwestern Greenwood County.

135-87 KA-4910-03: Repair of the northbound I-135 Canal Route bridge.

Federal-Aid, Local projects:

63 C 4898-01: Recoustruction of the 10th Street/ 3400 Road intersection south of Independence

8 C 4942-01: Two-lane roundabout at the intersection of 150th Street and Butler Road between Andover and Rose Hill.

60 C 4927-01: Guardrail installation along local roads in southeastern Meade County.


40-23 KA 5208-01: Interim VMS, traffic sensors, and flashing “Be Prepared to Stop” beacons on the South Lawrence Trafficway between Clinton Parkway and Michigan Street. (Note: The project number reflects the fact that US 40 is now designated on the west leg of the SLT)

7-46 KA-5465-01: 1.5-inch Mill, 1.5-inch overlay from K-10 to the Kansas River bridge, excluding the Portland Cement pavement at the Johnson Drive interchange.

106 KA-5470-01: 1/2-inch Mill and 1 1/2-inch HMA overlay on K-99 from Wamego to Frankfort in Pottawatomie and Marshall Counties, 1 1/2-inch Mill and 1 1/2-inch HMA overlay on K-99 and K-9/K-99 in Frankfort.





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