KDOT Lettings: March 2021

Here are the projects that are being let at the March 2021 KDOT letting.

This post has been updated to reflect the approved bidders and the bid amount. KDOT did not put out a press release with the awarded bids for the March letting, but did put out one for the April letting on May 18 which included awarded bids for March. Most of the bids were published on their websiteThe approved bids found on the website will be noted in red. The approved bids announced in the May 18 press release will be noted in blue.

All Projects are Federal-Aid unless noted

35-46 KA-6051-01: Pavement marking from I-435 to the Johnson/Wyandotte county line
35-105 KA-6052-01: Pavement marking in Wyandotte County.
Twin Traffic Marking Corporation, $1,015,463.90

69-46 KA-5684-01: Bridge repair of the northbound US 69 bridges over 191st and 179th Street. PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minnesota, $846,863.77

10-46 KA-5774-01: Replacement of the eastbound K-10 bridge over Lexington Avenue (ex K-285) in DeSoto. Traffic moving head-to-head on the westbound K-10 bridge. The ramp from eastbound K-10 to Lexington Avenue will remain open, but the ramp from Lexington Avenue to eastbound K-10 will be closed. Detour via westbound K-10 to Edgerton Road. Clarkson Construction Company, $2,693,082.00

169-46 KA-5943-01: PCCP patching, 2-inch milling, and 2-inch overlay on US 169/K-7 from 199th Street to I-35. Idecker Incorporated, $2,795,229.49

31-70 KA-2365-01: Reconstruction of K-31 from the east city limits of Osage City east to the US-75/K-31 junction. (This is a deferred T-WORKS project) Bettis Asphalt & Construction, Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $15,628,203.09

16-75 KA 5720-01: Bridge repair (the plan link consists of a single sheet of traffic control devices, it does not specify the exact location of the project) Bettis, $118,888.99

24-81 KA-3926-01: Bridge replacement on US-24: Bridge #008 (Wildcat Creek Drainage) just north of Riley. Detour via US 77 and K-82. Klaver Construction Company, $412,828.43

50-9 KA-5983-01: 3.5-inch milling and 3-inch overlay on US 50 from K-150 to K-177. APAC-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $1,352,341.90

70-21 KA-6067-01: Pavement patching on I-70 from Abilene to Chapman. Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. and subsidiaries, $663,318.50

57-31 KA-5678-01: Repair of the K-57 bridge over Clarks Creek southeast of Junction City

45 C-4984-01: Major collector signage replacement on roads south of US 36 and east of K-14 in Jewell County Signs Up LTD DBA Haren’s Trees and Critters, Webster City, Iowa,  $72,347.00

25-55 KA-5981-01: 2.5-inch milling, 2.5-inch inlay, and 1.5-inch overlay from the Wichita/Logan county line north ~ 15 miles. Venture Corporation, Great Bend, Kansas, $3,458,059.10

25-97 KA 5982-01: 2.5-inch milling, 2.5-inch inlay, and 1.5-inch overlay from Colby to the Thomas/Rawlins county line. McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, $2,625,372.02

68-30 KA-5694-01: Repair of the K-68 bridge over the Marais Des Cynges river on the west side of Ottawa. PCI Roads, $1,160,402.00

30 TE-0482-01: Pedestrian improvements near the K-68/Locust Street intersection.

179-39 KA-5155-01: Reconstruction of Jennings Street (K-179) in Anthony from Hayes Street to Evans Street. Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, $581,507.32

56-73 KA-3265-02: Replacement of the US-56 bridge over Big Coon Creek Bridge and reconstruction of the roadway northeast to the west city limits of Garfield. Venture, $4,459,106.64

80 C-4969-01: Major collector signage replacement on roads south of US 56 and east of K-14 in Rice County. Signs Up, $67,980.00

96-87 KA-5690-01: Bridge repair on the westbound K-96 bridges over Ridge Road and Little Slough Creek northwest of Wichita. PCI Roads, $491,953.05

93 C-4979-01: Major collector signage replacement on roads north of US 50 and west of US 281 in Stafford County, plus NE 70th Street from US 281 east to NE 80th Avenue Century Fence Co., $261,754.69

13 C-4974-01: Major collector signage replacement on roads south of US 160 and west of US 183 in Clark County. Signs Up, $62,141.50

13 TE-0477-01: Sidewalk installation on Locust Street from Oak Street to Poplar Street, and Main Street from Locust Street to Ash Street in Minneola. APAC-Kansas, $559,923.60

34 C-4981-01: Major collector signage replacement on Road 5 from Road B to the Grant/Haskell county line, Road Q from US 160 to Road 5, and Road V from US 160 to Road 5 in Grant County. Signs Up, $25,290.75

35 C-4994-01: Minor collector signage replacement in Gray County. Signs Up, $27,740.50

25-47 KA-5156-01: Reconstruction of Main Street (K-25) from C Avenue to Santa Fe Avenue in Lakin. Smoky Hill, LLC, $768,736.65

89 TE-0464-01: Deer Creek Trail Phase 3 in East Topeka. Bettis, $2,169,676.63

156-27 KA-6101-01: Chip seal on K-156 from K-140 to I-70 [non-FA] Vance Brothers Inc. and Subsidiary, $504,466.32





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