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  • KDOT lettings, November 2019

    Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for November of 2019

  • KDOT Lettings: September, 2019

    Here’s whats up for bids in the Monthly lettings for September of 2019.

  • July, 2019 KDOT lettings

    I’ve been writing a summary of the monthly lettings of the Kansas Department of Transportation on the aaroads.com forum as a sneak peak of the planned projects that the state is working on. So, I might as well publish them here as well.

  • Truck Parking, Part 2

    Truck Parking, Part 2

    With the new Truck Parking Information Management System system now in place at the rest areas along I-70 in Kansas, the KTA is now following suit at its service areas

  • Truck Parking

    Truck Parking

    Back in January, KDOT introduced a new system to inform drivers of the availability of Truck Parking at the Rest Areas along I-70. Yesterday, I finally got around to checking the new feature out.

  • Kansas City Road Meet

    Here are the photos from last Saturday’s Kansas City road meet.

  • Turnpike Bridge is coming down

    The KTA has issued a press release. Because of the way the KTA’s site is designed, I shall quote it verbatim. Additional information is now available on the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s upcoming demolition of the original bridge structures across the Kansas River in Lawrence. The steel structures that once carried I-70 traffic across the river […]