Kansas Highways: Numbers 241-259

K-241K-242K-243K-244K-244 Spur
K-251K-252K-253K-253 (1959)K-254


Length: 0.521 miles

Historic West Endpoint: Kannapolis State Park

Historic East Endpoint: Junction K-141 east of Kannapolis State Park

Historic County Served: Ellsworth

Established August 10, 1960
Withdrawn October 10, 1991


Length: 0.379 miles

Historic South Endpoint: Fort Larned National Historic Site

Historic North Endpoint: Junction K-156 near Fort Larned

Historic County Served: Pawnee


K-242 was established by 1962 to connect the newly-established Fort Larned National Monument to the state highway system. The number was assigned in sequence. By 1964, Fort Larned had become a unit of the National Park Service. On June 12, 1984, the road was withdrawn as a state highway and transferred to the National Park Service.


West Endpoint: Junction K-148 northeast of Hanover

East Endpoint: Pony Express Station

County Served: Washington

Established June 13, 1962


Length: 3.9 miles

West Endpoint:
Junction RS 270 south of Junction City, continues west as RS 200

East Endpoint: Junction US 77/K-57 northwest of Junction City

County Served: Geary

Established June 12, 1964

Spur K-244

Length: 0.8 miles

Southwest Endpoint: Junction K-244 south of Milford Dam

Northeast Endpoint: Junction K-57 south of Milford Dam

County Served: Geary

Established May 10, 1967


Length: 0.2 miles

Historic South Endpoint: Junction K-4 south of Meriden

Historic North Endpoint: South City Limits of Meriden

Historic County Served: Jefferson

Established December 4, 1963


Length: 6 miles

South Endpoint: Junction US 75 in Sabetha

East Endpoint: West city limits of Morill

County Served: Brown

Established March 7, 1962


Length: 0.1 miles

South Endpoint: North city limits of Ellis

North Endpoint: I-70/US 40 Exit 145

County Served: Ellis

Established August 14, 1963


South Endpoint: Old US 36 South of Kensington

North Endpoint: Junction US 36 in Kensington

County Served: Smith

Established October 24, 1962


Length: 0.7 miles

South Endpoint: Junction K-99 south of Madison

North Endpoint: Junction K-58, 4th and Lincoln, Madison

County Served: Greenwood

Established June 12, 1963


South Endpoint: Junction US 54400 6 miles west of Garden Plain

North Endpoint: Cheney Reservoir

County Served: Sedgwick

Established October 9, 1963


Length: 0.5 miles

South Endpoint: North City Limits of Beverly

North Endpoint: Junction K-18 north of Beverly

County Served: Lincoln

Established May 13, 1964


Length: 0.675 miles

South Endpoint: I-70/US 24 exit 27

North Endpoint: Junction Old US 24, Edson

County Served: Sherman

Established August 10, 1966

K-253 (1959)

Length: 1.298 miles

Historic West Endpoint: Junction US 24 east of Riley

Historic East Endpoint: Junction K-177 east of Riley

Historic County Served: Riley

Established August 12, 1959
Re-designated US 77 March 17, 1965


West Endpoint: I-135 exit 11/I-235 exit 16, continues west as I-235

East Endpoint: Junction US 54/77 in El Dorado.

Counties Served: Sedgwick, Butler

Established May 9, 1956


South Endpoint: North city limits of Victoria

North Endpoint: I-70/US 40 Exit 168 north of Victoria

County Served: Ellis

Established May 13, 1964


Length: 4.989 miles

Northwest Endpoint: Junction US 56 northwest of Marion

Southeast Endpoint: Junction US 77 east of Marion

County Served: Marion

Established November 8, 1985


Historic South Endpoint: I-70/US 40 exit 175

Historic North Endpoint: South City Limits of Gorham

Historic County Served: Russell

Established May 13, 1964
Withdrawn August 24, 2006


Length: 3.9 miles

South Endpoint: Webster Reservior

North Endpoint: Junction US 24 8 miles west of Stockton

County Served: Rooks

Established June 12, 1964


Length: 0.237 miles

Historic South Endpoint: Junction K-16 south of Onaga

Historic North Endpoint: South City Limits of Onaga

Historic County Served: Pottawatomie

Established May 27, 1964; Withdrawn July 8, 1991